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When it comes to celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary together, the most common gift that a couple should give to each other is diamonds, according to Hallmark. This is considered an appropriate gift for more traditional exchanges and more modern ones as well.


Good ideas for a 60th wedding anniversary party include a celebration themed by the couple's journey of love that includes photo collages of the couple through the years, slideshows displaying pivotal moments in the marriage and a renewal of vows in front of guests. A 60th wedding anniversary can al


The traditional symbol for a 60th wedding anniversary is the diamond, so incorporating diamonds into gifts or celebrations is a good idea. Also, think about the couple's history together, and try to include people, places or items that are significant for them.


The 60th wedding anniversary is known as the diamond anniversary. The anniversary got its name because of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, which also made the 60th wedding anniversary popular.


Incorporate diamonds into every element of a 60th anniversary party, as they are the theme of this anniversary. Use diamond-like crystals to decorate party invitations and tables at the party. Incorporate mementos from the couple's 60 years together to make the party personal.


Some ideas for a 60 year wedding anniversary decorations include placing trivia games made in the decade the couple married at each guest table or placing photographs of the couple from important events or favorite memories in silver frames around the venue, especially at the center of the tables. B


To commemorate a 60th wedding anniversary, browse poems that celebrate the commitment and enduring strength of a relationship in the face of time and change. From classical sonnets to modern, cutting-edge prose, choose from poems that touch on the subject of true and lasting love.


A 60th anniversary gift is traditionally associated with diamonds, the most popular gemstone in jewelry. These diamonds are typically gifted as earrings, necklaces, watches, and other jewelry.


"Have a happy Diamond Wedding, a day that's filled with fun, and remember 60 years ago, when two became one" is a good poem for parents celebrating their 60th anniversary as it provides a cheerful and memorable rhyme. "After 60 years, you still say 'I Love You'...May Diamond remind you, you share a


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