A key part of wording a 60th birthday invitation is being positive and upbeat, saying something to the effect of "turning 60 isn't that bad, and we are glad," according to Another supportive saying would ... More »

A birthday invitation should cover three of the "five Ws": who, where and when. List the guest of honor's first and last name, the address where the event will be held, and the starting and ending times for the party. An... More »

To create your own custom birthday party invitations, glue pieces of cardstock in descending sizes on top of one another. Use a computer to add details to your invitation, and finish with a ribbon or other embellishment. More »

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Some 50th birthday party invitation wording ideas include "Look who's 50! Please join us as we celebrate (Name)'s 50 years of excellence" and "Like a fine wine she gets better with age. Our beloved (Name) is turning 50 y... More »

Funny birthday card sayings for daughters include messages from the father, such as, "I asked your mother to put a wad of hundred-dollar bills inside your birthday cake so you could buy something absolutely amazing for y... More »

An example of a good birthday wish for a son is, "Every single day you’ve added something amazing to my life." Common elements of birthday wishes for a son from a father, mother or both include bits of nostalgia, sentime... More »

While birthday milestones are a significant part of modern culture, there is no specific or traditional gift that is given for a 90th birthday. More »