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WOG Ball Valves. The common method of stating the pressure rating of ball valves is in terms of WOG. The WOG rating specifies the maximum pressure per square inch that a valve can handle while the WOG indicates the valve is suitable for Water, Oil and Gas.. U.S. Valve offers 400 WOG, 600 WOG, and 1,000 WOG ball valves.


Each different material that the valve is mad of has different limits in temperature and pressure. The stronger the material is, the higher the WOG rating is likely to be. If the pressure or temperature values stated on the valve are exceeded, the valve will be unable to work properly and there is a chance that it may be damaged. The WOG rating ...


For example, a ANSI Class 1500 carbon steel valve (material group 1.1 per ASME B16.34) has a pressure rating of 3705 psi at 100 F(pressure rating of this same valve drops to 2995 psi at 500 F), while a 316L Stainless steel (material group 2.3) valve of the same Class 1500 will have a pressure rating of only 3000 psi at 100 F (1910 psi at 500 F).


Re: What does WOG stand for on valves; Author: redwood (CT) The 200 WOG is a class rating that corresponds to the pressure specifications of ANSI 16.34. The valve is capable of many different pressures with different materials and temperatures. To fully comprehend its meaning you probably have to get a copy of the ANSI Spec.


Anderson Metals is a manufacturer of 600 WOG full port ball valves made of forged brass. Characteristics include full port, 600 PSI (water, oil, or gas), 150 PSI (steam), quarter turn operation and blow-out proof stem. Contact us today to learn more!


BRS1 = 2 PC, 600 WOG, Brass, Threaded Ends BRS2 = 2 PC, 600 WOG, Brass, Solder Ends 3. 2-PC Full Port Brass Ball Valve Pressure Rating: 600 WOG for 1/4” to 4” 2-PC Full Port Brass Ball Valve Pressure Rating: 600 WOG for 1/2” to 4” • Full Port • ANSI B 16.22 • Solder ends • PTFE seats, packing and thrust washer • Lead Free

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600WOG/150WSP Full Port Two-piece Brass Ball Valves Printed in Japan 0603⑥ITP Pressure-temperature ratings and other performance data published in this catalog have been developed from our design calculation, in-house testing, field reports provided by our customers and/or pub-lished official standards or specifications. They are good only to ...


DuraChoice Full Port Brass Ball Valves are an economical alternative to stainless steel versions. Rated at 600 PSI (water, oil, and gas), these full port valves are strong enough for many applications. Their full port design allows unrestricted flow to reduce cavitation and pressure drop. Not for potable water.


Pneumatic Actuated Assemblies. Electric Actuated Assemblies. Actuators. Accessories. Literature. Contact Us. Pneumatic Actuated Assemblies. BRASS. V3000 2-Piece 600 WOG Ball Valve with Pneumatic Actuator. Material: Brass. Size: 1-1/4" Port Size: Full Port. Ends: Threaded to ANSI B2.1. Pressure ... Pressure Rating: 1/2" – 1-1/2", 1000 PSI; 2 ...

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Pressure ratings ASME Class 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 Trunnion Series valves are ideal for heavy duty applications such as oil and gas production, power and waste water industries. Standard design features include double block & bleed, stem & seat grease fittings, body cavity drain, vent ports and self relieving spring energized seats.