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One birthday theme ideas for someone turning 60 is a neon and naturals party theme using bold fluorescent accents paired with earth toned trimming, such as neon ribbons on brown paper bags for favors. Another idea is a number-themed party with customized decor using the number 60.


Some great themes for second birthday parties are a jungle theme, a bug theme or a Curious George theme. A parent should choose a theme in which her child has an interest.


BirthdayPartyIdeas4Kids.com lists several birthday party themes that are ideal for tweens, including a make-up themed party, a spa day and scrapbooking fun. For the girl whose birthday is in the summer, a pool party with a luau is an option.


For car-themed birthday party ideas, send out race car invitations, make road cone party hats, serve race car party food, make model cars for a party activity, and watch a car-themed movie. Send home small toy cars for the party favors.


Good themes for a 30th birthday include "30 Years of Awesome" paying tribute to the celebrant's memories or a "30th Sweet Tooth" party inspired by popular candies from the 1980s. Decorations, food and favors can be designed with the number 30.


The traditional theme for an 18th birthday party is "transition into adulthood." The planner should incorporate decorations and themed elements that reflect that transition into the birthday party. As always, the planner should keep the recipient's interests and tastes in mind when planning the part


Many themes can fit a 50th birthday party. One theme that often comes to mind for a 50th birthday party is the tongue-in-cheek idea of an "over the hill" party. This party theme makes light of the fact that the honored person is getting older.


One idea for a 50th birthday party is a "Welcome to Your Life" theme. The venue is decorated by covering the ceiling with large balloons with strings of various lengths. Photos of the person are attached at the ends of the strings for guests to walk through and enjoy.


One theme for a 30th birthday party is a casino night theme with casino tables and equipment. Guests wear cocktail attire, and a cocktail bar is set up to serve classic drinks. Another themed idea is a luau with leis, frozen cocktails, grass skirts, coconut bras and barbecue food.


Pirate-themed birthday party ideas include parchment invitations, octopus-and-seaweed hot dogs and Jolly Roger banners. Use traditional pirate colors, such as black, white and red, for balloons and streamers, and fill fishbowls with chocolate doubloons for added flair.