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What is the appropriate wire size for a 50 amp RV plug at a distance of 60 feet? Can you have a 20 amp outlet on 15 amp breaker with 12 gauge wire? Can you safely wire a 30 amp 120 volt RV camper straight to a main breaker box in a house by splicing a 25 ft. 30 amp 125 volt extension cord ...


For 60-amp electrical service, 6-gauge copper or aluminum wire is the correct size to power such devices as electric furnaces and large electric heaters. A 50-amp circuit breaker or fuse box can also...


6/3 supports either a 50-amp or a 60-amp subpanel (using the next larger standard size rule in 240.4(B)). The information you got at Lowes is certainly not the stupidest thing I've ever heard coming from a home improvement store, and at least it isn't dangerous, but the advice you got was both stupid and wrong anyway.


When you wire a 60-amp breaker, you need 3-conductor wire, either 6-gauge or 4-gauge. The neutral wire goes on the neutral bus and the ground wire on the ground bus. Connect each of the hot wires on the cable to one of the lugs on the breaker and snap the breaker into an available slot on the panel.


A 60 amp circuit would normally have a #6 size wire, which is what is normally run for a stove, which is typically on a 50 amp 2 pole breaker for the normal home stove.


With welding machines rating requirements for wire may be different than breaker ratings. There are a few threads back with some discussions about wiring welders. Wiring for welders call for min wire size and max breaker size. It wont hurt to use bigger wire but the machine may only require 8 ?? especially at a foot from the panel.


The length from the main panel to the workshop is about 105 feet. I will be using a double pole 60 and GFI circuit breaker in the main panel to a 60 amp pull out on outside of work shop then inside to the subpanel. What would be a good size wire. I may run one saw at a time or a couple of saws.


The next closest standard size breaker is an 80 amp breaker. A kiln has a full load amp rating of 48 amps. 48 x 1.25 = 60 amps. A 60 amp breaker is a standard size. The fuse amps are typically mentioned in the kiln electrical data located on the wiring diagram. Always use copper wire to bring power to the kiln, NEVER use aluminum wire.

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HOW TO CALCULATE BREAKER SIZE, WIRE SIZE AND WATTAGES The chart below will help you determine fuse or breaker size and the necessary wire size to service various wattage loads. To protect against material failures, the National Electric Code requires that most materials be de-rated 20%. This means that only an 80% load factor may be


Wire Size and Breakers. ... Many older homes still have 60 amp services and in rural locations it is still possible to find 30 amp services. It is important to understand the relationship between wire gauge and amperage. ... As an example; for a 15 amp circuit using aluminum wire the correct wire gauge is 12.