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There are many birthday decoration ideas that turn plain spaces into exciting party areas. Streamers are used in a variety of ways, including braiding, curling, twisting and winding to achieve a colorful atmosphere. Party supplies, such as table clothes, plates, napkins and utensils add a polished l


Birthday decoration ideas for a party room include themed decorations, balloons, streamers, confetti, flowers and photo of the guest of honor. Choosing a theme or color scheme helps choose decorations that go together well.


To create fun and memorable birthdays, decorate cakes with themes, such as princess cakes, construction site cakes, superhero cakes, Disney cakes and more, suggests Betty Crocker. When it comes to cake decorating, the options are infinite. It is advisable to customize children's cakes according to b


One creative adult birthday party decoration idea is balloons with paper ice cream cones glued to them to resemble large ice cream cones. This is a decoration for a retro adult milkshake bar theme, and other decorations include a decorative printed menu of suggested ice cream and alcohol combination


Some great birthday cake ideas for parties are a donut-shaped cake, an oversized cupcake style cake, flower garden cake and sports ball cake. A birthday cake with a mix of many types of candy toppings is also a popular type of cake.


Some cake decorating ideas for a baby's first birthday are ABC block cakes, Mickey and Minnie Mouse cakes and carousel cakes. Instead of a round or rectangular cake, a parent can bake a horizontal or vertical number cake. The vertical number cake is a five or six layer cake shaped into the number on


One birthday theme ideas for someone turning 60 is a neon and naturals party theme using bold fluorescent accents paired with earth toned trimming, such as neon ribbons on brown paper bags for favors. Another idea is a number-themed party with customized decor using the number 60.


Some good birthday sayings for someone turning 60 are "Wishing you the most amazing of special days for your 60th birthday," and "Make your 60th birthday be as sensational, awesome and fascinating as you are." These sayings can make the 60-year-old know how much she is loved.


Some possibilities of birthday gifts for men include clothing, such as ties and jackets, sports gear, watches and car accessories. Additional ideas are power tools, books and tech gadgets.


Ideas for decorating an 80th birthday cake include covering a large cake with 80 candles, lining up 80 cupcakes with a single candle in each or getting an edible photo image of the birthday celebrant at a memorable time in his life to place on top of the cake. An 80th birthday is a milestone that de