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One example of a humorous quote that is appropriate for a man's birthday is "Men are like wine: some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age." by Pope John XXIII. Another example is "The follies which a man regrets most in his life are those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity.


A number of online ecard greeting card sites offer animated singing and musical birthday cards for men, including Doozy Cards, Blue Mountain, American Greetings and Singing Birthday Ecards. Such sites offer a selection of animated cards featuring cartoons, famous characters and celebrities animated


Good 40th birthday ideas for men include parties based on superheroes, sports, guys' movies, barbecue or daring deeds. Whatever theme is chosen, it is important to gather all necessary party supplies and to notify guests via invitation. The invitation can include special instructions, such as the pa


Using frosting to create paw prints as a border around the cake and utilizing black licorice to make dog bones are some ideas for a puppy dog-themed birthday cake. Another possibility is to use bubblegum and frosting to design puppy dog faces.


Some 30th birthday party ideas for men include a cocktail party or sit-down dinner party in the host's or guest of honor's home, according to event planner Matt James. Other ideas include a dance party at a venue or an outdoor picnic, if children are invited.


Because the 50th birthday is considered a milestone, gifts tend to be more elaborate and focus on the milestone as it relates to the individual interests of the person turning 50. Common gifts include watches, grills, tools and nostalgic newspapers that focus on his date of birth. Other popular gift


For the man who's turning 50, receiving gift certificate to a favorite retailer will likely be greatly appreciated. Gift certificates are very safe gift options that allow the recipients to choose exactly what they want. Perhaps a gift certificate from a wine shop or a local bookstore might give the


When a loved one is facing the reality of entering his "golden years," the best gifts either make him laugh or recall precious memories. Therefore, homemade gifts sometimes are the most suitable.


The traditional saying on a birthday cake is "Happy Birthday." It is also common to write out the celebrant's age on the cake. Birthday cake sayings can be funny or serious and should always be made personal if possible.


Silver and black with gold accents are colors for an elegant 70th birthday, while green, yellow and red are colors for a more laid-back 70th birthday. Rose pink and cream are birthday colors for a woman's 70th birthday, and navy and gold make good birthday colors for a man's party.