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LED flashlights use LED bulb technology, which gives them the ability to shine several times brighter than regular flashlights with halogen bulbs. LED light bulbs produce very little heat, which means that they use a lot less energy than other light bulbs do. An average...


An LED, or light-emitting diode lightbulb, is a bulb that produces light when electricity is passed through a semiconductor. Because of this, LEDs are more efficient than fluorescent lights and far more efficient than incandescent lights, which squander most of their en...


The average 12-volt automotive battery powers a 250-watt bulb for 3.36 hours. Typical automotive batteries have about 70 amp-hours of capacity, and therefore have 12V � 70Ah = 840 watt-hours of capacity, and 840 watt-hours � 250 watts = 3.36.


The longest-lasting disposable batteries available in 2015, according to WiseBread, include Duracell Quantum and Duracell CopperTop. Energizer Ultimate Lithium is also a highly rated battery brand, but lithium batteries do not perform as well as alkaline batteries for s...


The best LED bulbs for home use provide 800-1100 lumens of brightness in a warm white hue. These parameters will best mimic the light given off by standard home incandescent bulbs.


The word "bulb" has several meanings, all of which refer, or originally referred, to an object with a round shape. There is no difference in pronunciation between these meanings.


Find equivalent light-emitting diode bulbs by comparing lumens instead of watts. While you may be accustomed to buying incandescent bulbs by watts, that figure is actually a measure of energy the lamp consumes and is not a accurate measure of the light it produces. A 60...