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it is a spider, it looks and smells like an ant so the ants take it into the nest where it feeds on their young with impunity. kind of cool hah? btw- all insects have 6 legs, if it has 8 its not ...


Six Legged Spider? Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 5:12 PM Can you identify this spider, and is it harmful? I thought it was odd becuase it has only 6 hairy legs. It’s leg span is about 4 inches. I did not kill it, because I figured to be that size it must be eating a lot of other bugs. I have attached a photo. Thanks . . . Joan Joan Punta Gorda, FL


6 Legged Spider Looking Insect - Pisaurina mira. Maine, USA May 4, 2014. A friend came upon this in Northern Maine. It looks like a spider but all spiders have 8 legs. We are all stumped as to what it is. Can anyone identify this mystery insect? tag · login or register to post comments. Contributed by MaggieP on 14 May, 2014 - 6:28pm


Six-legged spider or spider-like insect? F0315 artemis isles. Loading... Unsubscribe from artemis isles? ... Monster Bug Wars - Official Channel 3,216,466 views. 7:59.


6-legged “spider” January 8, 2010 Dear Bugman, We noticed several of these spider-like bugs crawling around inside our house this December. They seemed to coincide with the set-up of our freshly cut Christmas tree.


A thread in the Insect and Spider Identification forum, titled What is this six legged bug that looks like a spider? PLANTFILES. FORUMS. ARTICLES. HOME. GUIDES & INFORMATION. COMMUNITIES. GARDEN SHOWCASE. PRODUCTS & SOURCES. About Us. Sign Up. Log in. Forums. Plant and Seed Trading. Gardening Journals. My Journal. Gardening Blogs. My Blog ...


6-legged spider-like insect - have long body(5/8") + antennae - what is it? ... spiders usually have just 8 legs unless its a mutated species or a rare kind . you coud either help it to escape out of one of your windows or get out the insecticide and exterminate the thing.


I am pretty sure spiders need to have 8 legs, and two body sections. If it had six legs than it is not a spider, but just a insect. There are some insects that look like spiders, but pretty much if it does not have 8 legs it is not a spider. Unless you riped two legs off.


Occasionally you may see a spider with 6 or 5 or 4 legs, but it didn't start out that way. Here is the answer that I gave for a similar question in July: All spiders START OUT with 8 legs. But it's not unusual to see a spider with 7 legs, or e...


6 legs in Md I've recently found two different types of spider-looking insects around my house, both of which have 6 legs, both appearing to be perfectly intact with no visible pedipalps. Any ideas on what these are? I know the pics aren't the best; I've been calling them alien spiders.