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Living things have the following six characteristics that define life: they are made of cells, they use energy, they grow, they reproduce, they respond to their environment and they self-regulate. A seventh characteristic is often added to the list, which is that living things have biological organization.


The Six Characteristics of Life . 1. Living things have Cells •A cell is the smallest unit of life •Cells contain all of the materials necessary for life to exist


Theme#6 - Reproduction All organisms reproduce in order to continue the species' life. This is combining genetic information (in sexual reproduction) or splitting into two organisms (in asexual reproduction) in order to create another of the same species.


The Six Characteristics of Life. STUDY. PLAY. 6 characterists. All organisms are cellular organized All organisms reproduce All organisms grow and develop All organisms adjust to their environment All organisms require energy All organisms adapt and evolve. 2. All organisms reproduce. 3.


the 6 characteristics of life are growth and development, made of cells, use energy, make waste, reproduce, and i forgot the last one sorry share with friends Share to:


6 characteristics of life 6 characteristics of life 6 characteristics of life 6 characteristics of life To... Classify life what you want Not one or three, six needed, yeah To show it is alive ...


So I have a project where there are 6 characteristics of life and I only know 5. I was in class but two are the same. read carefully. 1- response to stimuli 2-reproduction 3- energy use 4- growth&development 5-adaptation 6-????? on my paper it says response to stimulus but number one it says response to stimuli. stimuli and stimulus are the same things. help me out here?


The Charcteristics of Life All Living Things: 1) Are composed of cells. ... Click to download the free Characteristics of Life Study Guide. 3) Grow and reproduce A living cell must contain all the information and “machinery” necessary to create new members of the same species. They do not require the machinery of another species to reproduce.


Life is difficult to define, but there are characteristics of life that can be explored! Join the Amoeba Sisters as they explore several characteristics of life. Click "show more" to expand video ...