During the fifth week of fetal development, a baby begins to develop its heart, muscles, bones, spinal cord and brain, according to WebMD. During this time, the umbilical cord connects to the baby to supply blood, oxygen... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

During the sixth week of pregnancy, changes to the body are noticeable to the mother. Clothing becomes tighter, and morning sickness has begun. The mother has probably gained a few pounds already, depending on whether sh... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

To determine the date of conception, use an online ovulation calculator found on WebMD or BabyMed. Alternatively, women can identify the last menstrual period that they have had and add 40 weeks to determine due date, wh... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy
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Fetal movements when pregnant with twins generally becomes noticeable from weeks 18 through 20, notes WebMD. Women who have been pregnant before may recognize the movement sooner than those who are pregnant for the first... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a blood pregnancy test can detect pregnancy 7 to 12 days after conception occurs, while a urine pregnancy test can detect a pregnancy approximately two weeks after concept... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

Many women do not feel different when they are five weeks pregnant, according to WebMD. Early pregnancy symptoms include nausea, fatigue, food aversions, breast tenderness and increased urination. More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

The body parts are grouped into several systems, including the nervous system of the brain, spinal cord and nerves that control the body, its muscles and glands; and the skeletal system of the bones and joints that suppo... More » Science Human Anatomy