The first three steps of financial planning are establishing a relationship between the planner and client, gathering information on the client to establish goals, and analyzing the client's financial situation, explains... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

Waddell & Reed Financial is a financial planning and asset management company founded in 1937 by Chauncey Waddell and Cameron Reed. Starting with only two mutual funds, the company now manages more than 80 funds and $135... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

Planning for businesses provides several crucial benefits, such as financial planning, setting goals and objectives, and identifying areas of strength and weaknesses. Business plans help all companies plan for the future... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning
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Though exact amounts vary based on the military member's goals and financial situation, many financial advisers recommend that 10 to 15 percent of an individual's salary be saved every year, as stated by CNN Money. If a ... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

Sun Life Financial provides financial planning services for various life and work situations, according to the company website. Typical products involve plans for financial security, including health and life insurance, ... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

Individuals should start planning for their financial future as early possible, ideally in their teenage years, as stated by Investopedia, a website dedicated to investing knowledge. Teenagers can learn how to make basic... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

People who want to write an irresistible business proposal should frame the proposal in five general parts: an explanation of the situation that has prompted the potential client to seek a solution, the proposal's goals,... More »