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Well you can stay in college really for as long as you want lol. 4 years is the goal for most students that are full time student, if you are a full time student and do nothing else then yes you can finish in 4 years. He is a "5th year senior" meaning he is a senior but has been in college going on 5 years.


A "fifth-year senior" is slang for students in their fifth year of study at a program designed to be completed in four years. It often results due to failed coursework or not taking a full workload.


I am going to be a fifth year senior and graduate in 2018. My two best friends from freshman year are graduating early (3.5 years) and I just feel like I am being left behind. I am starting to regret changing my major to a 4 year nursing program and just wish i did a 2 year program.


After all, in this transition period that being a 5th year senior is, we are probably focusing more on what we are going to do AFTER college than trying to delve deeper into college itself. 3. All of our friends in our grade graduated.


Super Senior is the term sometimes used to refer to a student who is a college senior in his fifth, or sixth, year of college. He has already been a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior – and is now a Super Senior – or fifth (or sixth) year college student.


Some of the posters are confusing a PG year with a gap year. The gap year is where you can travel, work or do a community service project and either defer your college admission or reapply. The PG year is, essentially, a 5th year of high school, usually done at a prep boarding school.


Not to mention that fifth-years have one more summer, winter, and spring break to enjoy. Being a fifth-year senior is not something to be ashamed of or to worry about. Ask any college graduate and they’ll tell you that they would give anything to go back to the glory days. Lucky for us, we have an extra year to savor!


Howard returning to Marquette for senior season. ... Joined ESPN as a college basketball Insider in June 2013 ... a list that started at about 200 names in Year 1 and swelled to more than 700 last ...


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