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Well you can stay in college really for as long as you want lol. 4 years is the goal for most students that are full time student, if you are a full time student and do nothing else then yes you can finish in 4 years. He is a "5th year senior" meaning he is a senior but has been in college going on 5 years.


College graduation is a very real thing, my friends, and people seriously end up all over the world after that shit. And 5th year seniors, well, we’re still here. 4. The impending real world is much more real now.


I am going to be a fifth year senior and graduate in 2018. My two best friends from freshman year are graduating early (3.5 years) and I just feel like I am being left behind. I am starting to regret changing my major to a 4 year nursing program and just wish i did a 2 year program.


Super Senior is the term sometimes used to refer to a student who is a college senior in the fifth, or sixth, year of college. They have already been a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior – and are now a Super Senior – or fifth (or sixth) year college student.


Played only three years of football because he redshirted his first year. Now he is in his fifth year of college, but only fourth (and last) year of football ... year or senior level • 96+ units ...


Scholarships for College Seniors; ... students as well as college seniors who have been accepted to and plan to attend a law school in the following academic year. Applicants must submit a short essay or presentation describing his/her motivations and goals in the field of law. ... Fifth Month Scholarship $1,500 - Do-Over Scholarship $1,500 ...


What is a sixth year senior? ? ... A 6th year senior is someone who is in their 6th year of college, but their 4th year of football eligibility! 0 1 2. On My Own. ... It is a player that in most cases red shirted his first year which would make a 5th year sr and then after that applied and received a medical (most popular) or a hardship ...


College Seniors. It's never too late to win a scholarship, even during your senior year of college. While it may be the last year of college, there is still a surplus of college senior scholarships available. These college senior scholarships can be found through your local and regional organizations as well as at your school.


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Some of the posters are confusing a PG year with a gap year. The gap year is where you can travel, work or do a community service project and either defer your college admission or reapply. The PG year is, essentially, a 5th year of high school, usually done at a prep boarding school.