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To find printable word searches, visit the website for an organization such as Livewire Puzzles or Word Search Addict. Find the topic for the puzzle you want to do, and choose the level of the puzzle, if applicable. Print the puzzle from your browser.


Khan Academy and CK-12 both offer well-designed websites with high-quality, comprehensive coverage of fifth grade math topics. Both sites are free and contain tutorials, videos and practice problems. In addition, these sites offer their own applications for easy access ...


Find printable worksheets for math word problems on SoftSchools.com and MathWorksheets4Kids.com, as of 2015. Both websites allow visitors to download worksheets in PDF format and print for free.


Fifth grade children learn to add and subtract large numbers by writing them in columns rather than horizontally. These multiplication problems can be written in columns: 944 times 84 equals 79,296, and 508 times 92, equals 46,736. These division problems can use a long...


Access printable word searches by visiting sites such as Puzzle-Club.com, WordSearchAddict.com, SuperWordSearchPuzzles.com, Puzzles-to-Print.com and MirrorEyes.com. As of 2015, each site contains various categories of word searches and links to download the puzzles for ...


Some of the words found in a fifth grade spelling book include "boundary," "awkward," "household" and "currency." The type of words in grade five books depend on the vocabulary required in this grade and the occurrence of these words in fifth grade literature.


Many different types of printable word puzzles, such as themed puzzles and those designed for children, are available on various websites, such as at Livewire Puzzles, Puzzle-Club.com and PuzzlesToPrint. All three websites offer a variety of printable word puzzles for f...