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of 55 Gallon Drum (Vertical) Stick Measurement of 55 Gallon Drum (Horizontal) Stick Measurement of 30 Gallon Pony Drum 1 WET: measurement from drum bottom to top of material 2 DRY ... 21.6 INCHES INCHES DIAMETER GALLONS LIQUID LEVEL GALLONS INCHES 22.5' DIAMETER INCHES GALLONS LIQUID LEVEL . Title: DRUM MEASUREMENT METHODS Author: Denise ...


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Re: inches to gallons Another way of looking at it is that if you have 50 gallons in a 55 gallon drum, it will be a proportion of the height of the drum, if the drum has straight sides. (each gallon will fill it up 1/55 of the height of the drum). example: if your drum is 40 inches high, then 50 gallons will fill it up to 40 x 50/55 = 36 inches


Listed below is a 55 Gallon suction kit conversion chart. If you own one of the sprayers in this list, you are able to have the intake and suction tube converted to handle 55 gallon paint drums. If you are spraying each day, using a 55 gallon paint drum will save the user time and money, as you will not have to switch out one or five gallon ...


Unit Descriptions; 1 Drum (55 US gal): 55 US fluid gallons. Exact measures of drum size may vary by manufacturer or intended use. 55 US gal is a common drum size; metric sizes may be 200, 205, or 208 litres (208 being closest to 55 US gal). 1 Drum = 0.20819764812 cubic meters (SI base unit).


Do a quick conversion: 1 drums = 55 gallons [US] using the online calculator for metric conversions. Check the chart for more details.


Drum Sizes; 8 Gal Drums; 10 Gal Drums; 15 Gal Drums; 20 Gal Drums; 30 Gal Drums; 40 Gal Drums; 45 Imperial Gal Drums; 55 Gal Drums; 85 Gal Drums; 110 Gal Drums; 205 Litre Drums; Salvage Drums; 85 gal Drums; 110 gal Drums; Hazardous Waste Containers; HazMat Containers; HazMat Drums; Spill Containers; HazMat Packaging; Wine Barrels; 5 Gal ...


Volume unit conversion between gallon (US) and drum, drum to gallon (US) conversion in batch, gal (US) Drum conversion chart


I just created a measure stick for my rain barrel made from a 55 gallon food drum measuring 35.5 inches high. My gal per inch calc is 1.56, so 1 inch equals 1.56 gallons for my barrel.