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Ideas for a 50th birthday party include having a destination party or hosting a party that describes the honoree's life through the years. When choosing a destination party, consider places where the guest of honor has always wanted to go.


When a woman turns 50, give her a gift that excites her about the new chapter of her life. A gift basket is a luxurious and personalized gift that befits this occasion. Fill a basket with several bottles of wine, a selection of gourmet chocolates or supplies that relate to her favorite hobby, such a


A good 50th birthday present is a personalized canvas or a plaque. Other good gifts include photos and customized photo frames.


A good 50th birthday gift for a man respects the maturity and interests of the particular man, as mature men have distinct preferences developed over time. Something practical versus a gag gift is a safe choice. Fashion style, hobbies or occupation are good reference points for gift giving.


A few ideas for celebrating a 50th birthday are having a 50-minute massage or facial, ordering 50 favorite flowers or having a party and inviting 50 friends and relatives. There are many ways to celebrate what many consider to be a milestone birthday, and a specific plan ultimately depends on person


Celebrate a 50th birthday by planning a party with a theme that relates to the birthday guest's interests, such as his favorite color, a band or television show he likes, or costumes related to a specific time period. Incorporate the number 50 into the food, decor or party games.


When planning a 50th birthday party for a woman, it is a good idea to use one of her interests as a party theme, choosing decorations and serving foods that reflect them in some way. Her interests may include her hobbies or the things she loves to collect. Additionally, a good way to commemorate the


For the man who's turning 50, receiving gift certificate to a favorite retailer will likely be greatly appreciated. Gift certificates are very safe gift options that allow the recipients to choose exactly what they want. Perhaps a gift certificate from a wine shop or a local bookstore might give the


Because the 50th birthday is considered a milestone, gifts tend to be more elaborate and focus on the milestone as it relates to the individual interests of the person turning 50. Common gifts include watches, grills, tools and nostalgic newspapers that focus on his date of birth. Other popular gift


Some good 50th birthday ideas are spa services, adventure trips, humorous items and meaningful excursions. A 50th birthday gift can let the receiver enjoy a little self-care, get out of his comfort zone, know how much they are loved, laugh a little, or relax.