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Because the 50th birthday is considered a milestone, gifts tend to be more elaborate and focus on the milestone as it relates to the individual interests of the person turning 50. Common gifts include watches, grills, tools and nostalgic newspapers that focus on his date of birth. Other popular gift


For the man who's turning 50, receiving gift certificate to a favorite retailer will likely be greatly appreciated. Gift certificates are very safe gift options that allow the recipients to choose exactly what they want. Perhaps a gift certificate from a wine shop or a local bookstore might give the


When a woman turns 50, give her a gift that excites her about the new chapter of her life. A gift basket is a luxurious and personalized gift that befits this occasion. Fill a basket with several bottles of wine, a selection of gourmet chocolates or supplies that relate to her favorite hobby, such a


As a gift for someone's 50th birthday, whether a man or a woman, a gift certificate or gift card to the person's favorite store or restaurant would be appropriate. Buying someone an article of clothing may not be ideal since it can be difficult to determine a person's taste.


Some good 50th birthday ideas are spa services, adventure trips, humorous items and meaningful excursions. A 50th birthday gift can let the receiver enjoy a little self-care, get out of his comfort zone, know how much they are loved, laugh a little, or relax.


Some gifts that could be suitable for someone celebrating their 50th birthday include jewelry (gold being especially associated with the 50th), a special vacation, such as a cruise, or some fancy designer perfume, such as Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren. Gifts with more of a personal touch include a bo


Some suitable gifts for one's mother on her 50th birthday include clothing, jewelry, food or chocolate, fragrances, ornaments and accessories. For the socially conscientious mother who is turning 50, a donation to her favorite charity is also an appropriate and thoughtful gift.


Many people consider the 50th birthday a milestone year and the golden jubilee for birthdays or anniversaries of any kind. Common traditional gifts are one that are made of gold, including wrist watches, cuff links, pens or jewelry.


A great 50th birthday gift for a mom could be a scrapbook filled with memories that involve her children and family. A vacation would also make a wonderful birthday gift for a mom who loves to travel.


Some unusual 50th birthday gifts for a fashionable person are a subscription to Vogue, a copy of the movie "The September Issue" and the biography about Grace Coddington called "Grace," suggests The Huffington Post. Another idea is a chocolate tour in which guests sample various sweet shop samples.