Mini quad 50cc ATVs are available for purchase at, and, as of 2015. Additional sources for mini quad ATVs include and More » Vehicles

Few, if any, formal studies have addressed safety differences between smaller mini or "pocket" bikes and four-wheeled quads. However, research suggests that two-wheeled bikes are generally safer than quads. Quad riders a... More » Vehicles

The rules about when and where it is legal to drive an ATV vary by state, but most states only allow ATVs for off-road driving. The Consumer Product Safety Commission website offers information about driving an ATV in ea... More » Vehicles
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Four-wheeled or quad all-terrain vehicles are generally considered to be easier to operate, safer and more stable at low speeds than three-wheeled ATVs. Quads are also the only current ATV configuration sold in the Ameri... More » Vehicles

Inexpensive ATVs can be purchased from ATV Trader and online auctions such as eBay. Local classifieds may also have specials on gently used or new ATVs. More » Vehicles

The majority of ATVs operate on a 12-volt battery architecture system (at rest). This is the traditional voltage system that is used by most vehicles within the United States. More » Vehicles

Four-wheel all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are available at and PowersportsMax. In addition, Polaris Industries sells its own brand of off-road vehicles at its website. More » Vehicles