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In urine stix chart 2+ Glucose means that the urine contains over 500 mg/dL or 27.75 of body sugar needed for energy purposes. 2+ glucose level in urine means that the blood glucose test result is over 200 mg/dl. What does 3+ glucose in urine mean in most urine strips the 3+ glucose correlates with 1000 mg/dL or 55.5 mmol/l of sugar in the urine.


My urinalysis indicated a glucose reading of 500. My blood glucose has not been running high, so why is it in the urine.? Show More. Show Less. Ask Your Own Medical Question. Share this conversation. ... I went to the dr yesterday and had a urine glucose test that was 500 mg/dl.


Glycosuria (glucose In Urine) Symptoms, Causes, And Potential Complications. Glycosuria, or glucose in the urine, is the presence of higher than normal levels of sugar in the urine and may be due to complications with your kidneys or diabetes.


Glycosuria, or glucose in the urine, is the presence of higher than normal levels of sugar in the urine and may be due to complications with your kidneys or diabetes.To learn more about this ...


When an individual tests positive for glucose in the urine, further testing is required. High levels of glucose in the urine of pregnant women can indicate gestational diabetes. High levels of glucose in the urine can also indicate renal glucosuria, a condition that causes the kidneys to leak glucose into the urine.


Causes of sugar in urine. Some of the common causes of sugar in urine are discussed below: The most common cause is the presence of diabetes, which is a condition that affects the capability of the body to use the sugar in the body to make energy. High levels of blood sugar or hyperglycemia, particularly when the condition is left untreated


Lately I have been feeling very sick and my blood glucose levels have been high. I've been on the phone with my doctors changing insulin levels and trying to get it figured out and all bloodwork came back normal except that I have 500 mg of glucose in my urine. I don't have any ketones.


A urine glucose test is a quick and simple way to check for abnormally high levels of glucose in your urine. Glucose is a type of sugar that your body requires and uses for energy.


Glycosuria is the excretion of glucose into the urine. Ordinarily, urine contains no glucose because the kidneys are able to reabsorb all of the filtered glucose from the tubular fluid back into the bloodstream .


Continued Tests for High Blood Sugar. If you have type 1 diabetes, your doctor could ask you to check the urine for ketones. Your body makes them when it doesn’t have enough insulin and turns to ...