A 500-gallon propane tank is a steel storage tank that holds liquid propane gas for residential use. The 500-gallon term means the tank has a water capacity of 500 gallons, according to Midway Gas. It must be safely loca... More »

When purchasing a propane tank, ask about the warranty, look at financing options, determine what is included in the price, and compare prices for renting and owning. Propane is cost effective and energy efficient for ho... More »

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A 1000-gallon propane tank is a tank that is capable of holding 1000 gallons of propane. A typical 1000-gallon tank is filled with 800 gallons of propane since the gas needs room to expand. More »

The optimal size of a propane tank depends upon its intended use. Tanks for home heating and cooking are generally 250 to 1000 gallons, whereas tanks for grills normally hold approximately 5 to 10 gallons of propane. More »

The cheapest propane tank refills are usually available at dealers that just specialize in propane gas, appliances and equipment. Grocery stores and gas stations often have cheap tank exchanges that are convenient if tra... More »

The best way to dispose of unused propane tank is by calling a propane company to pick it up. Propane tanks are not picked up by garbage collectors, and improper disposal is illegal in some areas. If a propane tank is un... More »

One method of purging a propane tank involves bleeding out the shipping air and then filling the tank with propane vapor instead of liquid propane. This process is repeated for several cycles. Another method involves usi... More »