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Product name : Sodium Hydroxide, 50% w/w CAS-No. : 1310-73-2 Product code : LC24150 Formula : NaOH Synonyms : caustic soda 50% W/W / soda lye, 50%, aqueous solution / white caustic, 50%, aqueous solution . 1.2. Recommended use and restrictions on use . Use of the substance/mixture : Industrial use Recommended use : Laboratory chemicals


Liquid Caustic Soda, (Sodium Hydroxide), 50% – HAWKINS is a key CAUSTIC SODA distributor and operates liquid CAUSTIC SODA barge terminals in Memphis, TN, Dupo, IL, Camanche, IA, and St. Paul, MN. The product can be supplied as is, diluted with water to a specified concentration, or buffered to significantly reduce the freezing point.


Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye and caustic soda, is an inorganic compound with the formula NaOH. It is a white solid ionic compound consisting of sodium cations Na + and hydroxide anions OH −. Sodium hydroxide is a highly caustic base and alkali that decomposes proteins at ordinary ambient temperatures and may cause severe chemical burns.It is highly soluble in water, and readily ...


CAUSTIC SODA, 50% Page MVC -MSDS B 002P/L Issue Date : 12/7/18 Rev. Code : 04 4 of 4 Other adverse effects. Toxic effect on fish, plankton and on sedentary organisms. The toxicity to aquatic life will be influenced be the hardness and alkalinity of the receiving water. The upper pH limit tolerated by most freshwater fish


Alloy 33 (EN 1.4591/UNS R20033) exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in 25 and 50% NaOH up to boiling point and in 70% NaOH at 170 °C. This alloy also showed excellent performance in field tests in a plant exposed to caustic soda from the diaphragm process. 39 Figure 21 shows some results regarding the concentration of this diaphragm caustic liquor, which was contaminated with chlorides ...


2010-09-26 16:08:50 2010-09-26 16:08:50. Caustic soda, scientifically known as sodium hydroxide, does not have a given pH. pH depends on both the strength of an acid or base and its concentration ...


Caustic Soda Solution (NaOH 50%) Sodium Hydroxide Solution Brief Description Caustic Soda Solution is a clear, colorless, odorless and slightly viscous liquid. It is misci-ble with water at any ratio. Caustic Soda Solu-tion reacts strongly alkaline and is highly corro-sive to various materials. Test method Raw Material Properties Typical Value *


(CAUSTIC SODA 50% SOLUTION) PAGE 2 of 10 P301+330+331: IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting P303+361+353: IF ON SKIN (or hair): Remove/Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water/shower P304+341: IF INHALED: If breathing is difficult, remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a position


Example – Caustic Soda. Using a 0.3% caustic soda (NaOH) solution to clean production equipment. A 0.3% NaOH solution corresponds to 3 g NaOH in 1000 g water. Because NaOH has about 40 g/mol, the Molarity is 3 g/l / 40 g/mol = 0.075 mol/l. Because caustic soda is a base, we calculate the pOH: pOH = -log[0.075] = 1.12 and therefore pH = 14 ...


OxyChem manufactures caustic soda using either membrane or diaphragm electrolytic cells. OxyChem does not use mercury based electrolytic cells to produce caustic soda. The co-products formed from the electrolytic production of caustic soda are chlorine and hydrogen. Liquid caustic soda is available as a 50% solution in two main grades.