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No - 5 x 5 x 5 = 125. This is equal to 53 or five cubed. 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 625. This is equal to 54 or five to the fourth power.


That is an excellent question. 5 raised to the 4th power just means that the number five is multiplied by itself 4 times, like this: 5^4 = 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 Step two is to start multiplying.


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5 to the power of three times 5 to the power of 2 is equal to 5 to the power of 5. We know this because A^a times A^b equals A^(a+b). We know this by solving the problem manually. 5 to the power ...


5 to the 4th power is 625. ... a to the b power means b lots of a, all multiplied together. Thus 5 to the 5 power or 55 is 5x5x5x5x5, and 5 to the 3 power, or 53 is 5x5x5.


3^5*4^5 = (3*4)^5 = 12^5 Asked in Math and Arithmetic 100000 is what power of 10? 10^5 or 10 to the 5th power Asked in Job Training and Career Qualifications, Algebra


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This means to take 5 and raise it to the 4th power (which is 625), then take the negative of this result, for a final answer of -625. However, just in case you really meant this: , I'll work it this way too, no extra charge!! IF you meant this, then it means take the number -5 and raise it to the 4th power.


5 to the fourth power times 2 to the second power Asked in Factoring and Multiples What is the prime fracorization of 324? 2x2x3x3x3x3 or 2 to the second power times 3 to the fourth power.


The number 10 to the fourth power is 10,000. To raise 10 to the fourth power means multiplying 10 times 10 times 10 times 10. In the expression 10^4, 10 is the base and four is the exponent. Whenever 10 is the base, the expression is quickly simplified by writing a one followed by the number of zeros named by the exponent.