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In the geological time scale, periods are the third largest interval used to divide the Earth's history into segments of time. The year 2015 is in the Quaternary Period which began 1.6 million years earlier.


The definition of “time period” is available on many dictionary and reference resources, such as TheFreeDictionary.com, BusinessDictionary.com and Dictionary.com. Both websites define the term “time period” as a measured amount of time between two points or occurrences.


Popular old-time country music songs include Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man," Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places," Glen Campbell's "Galveston" and Alabama's "Mountain Music." The songs are built around a classic, old-fashioned country sound with fiddles, steel guitars and lyrics that pay tribu


Uterine bleeding between expected menstrual cycles, or metrorrhagia, is a common problem, especially in teenage and pre-menopausal women, explains Core Physicians. There are many possible causes for metrorrhagia, including hormone imbalance, polyps on the cervix or in the uterus, infection, and use


Med-Health.net explains that while it is rare for a woman to become pregnant right before her period, it is possible. Sometimes a woman who is pregnant experiences vaginal bleeding that, while not technically a menstrual period, mimics one enough for the woman to believe she is having her period.


The longest normal time between periods is 35 days. Although it is abnormal for periods to occur more than 35 days apart, there are exceptions when this is considered normal.


Bleeding between periods, also known as breakthrough bleeding, has many causes, according to WebMD. Mid-cycle bleeding often is associated with normal ovulation, and many women experience small amounts of bleeding between periods when they are taking birth control pills. Other causes include polycys


The medieval period encompasses the fifth to 14th or 15th centuries. Historians date this period from the collapse of the Roman Empire until the dawn of the Renaissance.


Even if you've never seen one of the best Broadway musicals, you probably know some of their songs. Spot your favorites in this list. The best Broadway musicals leave a legacy that lasts long after the final performance has ended (if it has ended). Some, like "Gypsy" become staples of high school dr


Everyone remembers hit Broadway musicals, but who recalls the worst of them? Discover some of the biggest Broadway duds of all time in this guide. Everyone remembers the best Broadway musicals, but what about the worst of them? Some plays are true clunkers that closed after only a few performances,