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Welcome to Official-Typing-Test.com - Free data entry tests. 1, 3, or 5 minute typing tests. 50% off typing certificates. This site is designed to be the most realistic timed typing test on the internet.


5:00 Typing Test - Typing.com


Free Typing Test Instructions. To begin the free typing test, type as much of the following paragraph as you can in a one-minute time period.Try to concentrate on your speed. The typing speed test will automatically submit after one minute.


Free 5 minute timed typing test to check your true typing speed (WPM) and accuracy.


Try Typing Test Pro for Free Learn how Typing Test Pro works. Evaluate the free demo of Typing Test Pro and try it out for yourself! Subscribers, please note: you cannot change or save any settings in the demonstration management account. Take an Online Typing Test. Your test takers will follow six easy steps to take your typing test.


Typing Test 5 Minute Accounting. This is a typing test. It is called a split screen test because the one side of the test consists of the subject matter to be typed and the other side is where the typing will be done by the applicant. The test will be timed and ample warning will be given when the test will start.


5 Shortcuts to Increase Your Typing Speed. We all know that typing speed matters. Whether you’re applying for a job as a paralegal or an executive assistant, being able to type quickly and accurately might be the only skill that stands between you and another equally qualified applicant. Can you type 65+ words per minute?


When the test first starts up, it will present you with a choice of lesson and time. If you are in a hurry, choose the 1 Minute Timed Typing Test. For a more accurate assessment, choose the 5 Minute Test. Lessons 26-35 are the classic story lessons and can make a better overall assessment by typing natural sentences.


The specific typing requirement will be noted in the Class Specification. State departments will honor typing certificates issued within the last four years, and certified from a five (5) minute typing test that meets the CalHR requirements, with a minimum of 40 WPM (words per minute).


This is a 5 minute typing test.Learn to type faster and practice your typing skills on Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.