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According to USHistory.org, the five main purposes of government include national identity, defense, representation, infrastructure and social welfare. Most governments have three main branches, and these include the executive, the judicial and the legislature. All of these play a role in government.


The five major purposes of government are: 1) Promote Rule of Law 2) Provide Common Defense 3) Provide Public Services 4) Support Civil Rights 5) Support Economic System - the government will ...


A government, basically, has three branches - the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial. These branches help in the all-round functioning of a government. The paragraphs below highlight the five main purposes of a government. Defense One of the five purposes of government is to defend the borders of the nation against foreign invasion.


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1. The first purpose of any government is to maintain order. It sometimes does not succeed at that but I don't think it's possible to argue against that. There are different definitions of order perhaps but the purpose of government is to maintai...


The main purpose of the conflict was Sadam was known to have weapons of mass destruction America checked it out. None were found but he did have plenty of time to get rid of them. if America had sat back and done nothing and he had put them into use everyone would be crying why didn't you check it out?


The government was established for six reasons, which are unity, domestic tranquility, justice, defense, promotion of the general welfare of the people and securing liberty for all. The Constitution of the United States outlines the six purposes for the formation of the government.


However, it is opinion on whether or not these are the four purposes of government. Their maybe more, less, or different ones depending on who you talk to. But lets use these for the sake of argument and give examples of each. 1.) Maintain Social Order——This is peacekeeping.


In the last few centuries, some economists and thinkers have advocated government control over some aspects of the economy. The Federal Reserve Board was created in order to prevent major economic crises in the United States, as its official website explains.