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Common English words that begin with the letter "i" include "idea," "inch," "ice," "imagine," "if" and "in." The word "I" is also very common as is "it," "is" and "include." There are hundreds of English words that begin with the letter "i," ranging from "iamb" to "izzards," according to The Crosswo


The only two-letter word beginning with "c" in the English language is "ca'," according to Merriam Webster. The word ca' is the Scottish variant of the word call.


Some common words that begin with the letter p include pizza, penny, police and penguin. Some less-common words that begin with the letter p include peterman, pinguid, portolan and previse.


There are some websites where you can find a list of words starting with M, they are Dictionary.com, Collinsdictionay.com, Learnersdictionary.com and some other dictionary websites. Moreover, several websites like Wordbyletter.com or Crosswordsolver.com also offer such list.


The letter "A" is one of the most popularly used letters in the English language, and some words that begin with it are "aardvark," "abnormal" and "abject." Other words include "area," "atrophy" and "analogy."


Under, unit, use and usual are some common words that start with the letter "u." Each of these words, as listed on UsingEnglish.com, include the word's statistics, lexical information and grammatical information. All of these words are among the 1000 most-used words of the English language.


Some long words that start with the letter "l" include labefactation, lachrymogenic, largiloquent, lautenclavicymbel and lendumbrilate. A few more common long "l" words are libertarianism, liquification, logocentrism, lugubrious and luminescence.


Common words that begin with the letter J include jabbers, jabbed, Jack-o-lantern, jacklight and jackpot. More obscure words beginning with the letter J include, jackboots, jaggheries and Jotunn.


"Jo" is the only two-letter English word that begins with the letter J. It is a noun of Scottish origin that means "beloved one," "darling" or "sweetheart." The plural form of the word is "joes."


In the U.S., there are four states that begin with the letter I: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Idaho. The state capitals are Springfield, Indianapolis, Des Moines and Boise, respectively.