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The five dollar bill shown above can be printed for the series of 1886 or 1891. The 1886 $5 silver certificate issue is much more valuable. Five dollar silver silver certificates from 1896 have a back design which shows a group of Morgan dollars; so collectors have named these Morgan back fives.


1934 Five Dollar Silver Certificate Blue Seals – Values and Pricing. 1934 $5 silver certificates actually come in five different varieties. There are series of 1934, 1934A, 1934B, 1934C, and 1934D.


A silver certificate dollar bill represents a unique time in American history. It no longer carries monetary value as an exchange for silver, yet collectors still seek out the print. Its history ...


1934A $5 Silver Certificates 5. 1934B $5 Silver Certificates 6. 1934C $5 Silver Certificates 7. 1934D $5 Silver Certificates: Example Rarity: San Francisco FRN with "Hawaii" Surcharge, seal and signatures, signatures Julian - Morgenthau with Brown seal. Important: Star serial number. Comment: Solid collectible potential. Notes About ...


Other issues can be worth several hundreds of dollars, such as the 1923 and 1899 $5 silver certificates. The 1923, 1934 and 1953 issues of the $5 silver certificate all display Abraham Lincoln's face on the front of the note. The 1896 $5 silver certificate features a winged angel, a horse-drawn chariot and the dome of the Capitol.


In response to the nation’s silver-mining interests, the U.S. government began printing silver certificate bank notes in 1878 in addition to the gold certificate notes that were already being produced. The first of these certificates entitled the bearer to $1 in silver, and it was backed by the inventories in U.S. ...


The 1896 series five dollar silver certificates are each worth around $800 in very good condition. In very fine condition the value is around $2,250. In extremely fine condition the value is around $5,000-5,250. In uncirculated condition the price is around $9,000-10,000 for bills with an MS 63 grade.


1934 Five Dollar Silver Certificate. The 1934 five dollar silver certificates can be valuable depending on the series and condition. Keep reading to learn more about these silver certificates. ... The value of a 1934 silver certificate will depend on the specific series. The standard notes are common and thus not very valuable.


Morgan Silver Back 1886 $5 Grant Silver Certificate Banknote on Modern $5 Bill $29.95 1953 or 1963 $5 Red Seal Note Legal Tender Old US Dollar Bill Currency Money


Red Seal Five Dollar Bills (1928 - 1963) - Values and Pricing Five dollar bills with red seals and red ink serial numbers can be from one of three years: OLD CURRENCY BUYERS Call or Text 864-430-4020 or send an email for our best offer admin@OldCurrencyValues.com