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Adolescence -- the period lasting from approximately age 11 to 21 -- covers many social and emotional changes. This transition between childhood and adulthood leads to rapidly changing behaviors, identity disturbances and strong emotions. Although these characteristics can frustrate or confuse parents, they are ...


Sociology Chpt. 6. The Adolescent in Society. STUDY. PLAY. ... 5 Characteristics of an Adolescent. 1. biological growth and development 2. undefined status 3. increased decision making ... Sociology I - Chapter 6 Vocab. 25 terms. Sociology chapter 6. 43 terms. Chapter 6 The Adolescent in Society.


What Are the Five Characteristics of Adolescence? The period of adolescence, which lasts approximately 11 to 21 years, is characterized by several social and emotional changes. These include labile emotions, exploring and asserting of personal identity, peer relationships, independence, self-centered attitudes, and testing rules and boundaries.


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5 Characteristics of Adolescence. The years between 10 and 14 years of age are known as adolescence. It is a time characterized by rapid change and development, as it is the transition between childhood and young adulthood. Changes can be inconsistent and also uncomfortable. Adolescents experience physical, social, as ...


However, these are not the only characteristics of adolescent society, as teens are still caught between the struggle to listen to their parents while finding their own identity (Santrock, 2007). This is one of the biggest challenges facing the adolescent and ultimately is what leads to defining who they are and what they will become.


This article throws light upon the eleven major characteristics of adolescence. The characteristics are: 1.A period of Rapid Physical/Biological Changes, has Psychological Repercussions Too 2. Appearance-Consciousness 3. Attraction Towards the Opposite Sex 4. Cognitive Development 5. Career-Consciousness 6. Emotional Conditions 7. Flight on Imagination 8.


Peer groups are especially important during adolescence, a period of development characterized by a dramatic increase in time spent with peers and a decrease in adult supervision. Adolescents also associate with friends of the opposite sex much more than in childhood and tend to identify with larger groups of peers based on shared characteristics.


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