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The number of water bottles in a gallon depends on the size of the water bottle. A gallon is 128 fluid ounces; one must divide 128 by the number of ounces in the water bottle to get the answer.


Amazon.com and eBay.com both carry 5-gallon water bottles. Many brick-and-mortar stores such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot carry the bottles in their stores and online.


Consumers are able to compare brands of bottled water by the source and the purity of the water. Sources of bottled water are generally listed on the bottle, and studies by federal, state and private agencies and organizations assess water purity.


Popular brands of bottled water include Aquafina, Deer Park, Dasani, Poland Spring and Evian. Other popular bottled waters include Nestle, FIJI and Volvic. As of 2014, bottled water sales accounted for 17.8 percent of the beverage market.


Clean a five-gallon water container by washing, sanitizing and drying. The process requires just a few minutes, but air-drying to prevent bacterial growth takes overnight. With proper care and cleaning of the bottle, most tap water remains in good condition for up to 90 days.


Private Spring Water is the leading national supplier, as of 2014. Dasani bottled water took second selling 0.92 billion dollars worth of bottled water. Nestle Water Pure Life was third at 0.9 billion. In 2014 the number one selling bottled water brand was private label brands, which sold 1.9 billio


The most common and beneficial use for one gallon of water is to drink it. The body needs water every day in order to prevent dehydration. Additional uses include cooking and plant irrigation.


Some highly rated brands of bottled water are Poland Spring, Smartwater, Aquafina, Fiji water, and Voss. These bottled water brands claim to be fresh and contain natural minerals.


As of 2015, some bottled water companies include Fiji and Dasani. Consumers can also purchase bottled Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water from Waiakea, Inc. online for home delivery.


Popular bottled water companies include Evian Natural Spring Water, FIJI Natural Artesian Water and Mountain Valley Spring Water. As of 2015, Dasani was the best-selling national brand of bottled water.