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Buyers in the market for a used 4x4 truck should look for a model with a clean vehicle history, a well-maintained engine, and tires that are free of damage or extensive wear. The buyer should also know the overall mileage on the car to gauge its actual worth.


Find listings for new and used 4x4 off-road trucks online through sites such as eBay.com, 4x4OffRoads.com, Cars-On-Line.com and Craigslist.org, as of 2015. These sites contain tools that allow users to filter listings so that only the most relevant trucks are displayed.


Online retailers and merchant sites like CarMax, Auto Trader and eBay provide buyers with a useful way to find 4x4 pickup trucks and other automobiles in new and used condition. These sites allow users to search by various criteria including seller location, car conditi...


To compete in a 4x4 truck pulling event, drivers should read and know the rules for the class in which they are entering to compete. Drivers should also upgrade the rear axle and differential of the truck when possible, and be sure to check the engine and top off fluids...


Listings for used Toyota 4x4 trucks are available through CarMax, Cars.com and Autotrader. These sites let users search through used vehicles within a specific distance from a location, entered by ZIP code.


Some 4x4 games that are found online are SUV Challenge, Madness on 4 Wheels, Nitro 4x4 Jumper, 4x4 ATV Challenge, and 3D Jeep Venture. WheelGamer.com provides these and over one hundred other 4x4 games free to play.


Sites such as Craigslist.org, CarGurus.com, DieselSellerz.com, eBay.com and DieselTraderOnline.com list 4x4 diesel trucks for sale. These sites contain listings for both new and used trucks from dealers as well as private sellers, so buyers need to read each listing car...