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A 457 plan offers special tax benefits to encourage employees of government agencies and certain non-profits to save for retirement. If you meet the criteria for taking a distribution from your 457 plan, you simply fill out a distribution request form from the financial institution that manages your 457 plan.


Special rules apply to withdrawals from a Roth 457b plan. If your 457b plan is sponsored by a nonprofit organization, withdrawals are subject to income tax when they are paid or made available to you. Choose from a menu of investment funds. Typically, the plan will permit employees to select investment funds offered under it.


Early Withdrawals from a 457 Plan. Money saved in a 457 plan is designed for retirement, but unlike 401(k) and 403(b) plans, you can take a withdrawal from the 457 without penalty before you are 59 and a half years old. This is a very important rule that often times goes overlooked with the 457 plan.


If funds are set aside or provided in a separate account for the employee or in the employee's name then that type of 457 Plan is not a tax-deferred plan and becomes a non-governmental 457(b) Funded Pre-Tax Plan. 457(b) (eligible) plans


If you leave employment, you have several choices regarding your retirement funds: Choice 1 – Leave your money on account Generally, you may leave your assets in the plan administered by the Montana Public Employees’ Retirement Administration (MPERA) to grow tax deferred until you reach age 70 ½.


Only funds from other 457(b) plans of governmental employers may be rolled over to the 457(b) plan. Funds rolled over to the 457(b) plan become subject to the 457(b) plan's withdrawal restrictions. Please check with your former provider first, to see if surrender charges are applicable. You may stop your contributions anytime.


View the entire list of funds and performance available in your 457(b) retirement plan. Fixed-interest option transfer restrictions. A 20% annual withdrawal is allowed from the Fixed-Interest Option with no withdrawal charge. There are no transfer or withdrawal restrictions if one of the following conditions are met: Annuity payout option is ...

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Use this form to request a withdrawal of funds from your Utah Retirement Systems (URS) 457 Plan. 2. Review both sides of this form and the enclosed Special Tax Notice Regarding Plan Payments before completing. 3. Updates to your address and/or bank account (EFT) information will delay your payment for up to an additional 14 days. 4.


A deferred compensation plan is another name for a 457(b) retirement plan, or “457 plan” for short. Deferred compensation plans are designed for state and municipal workers, as well as employees of some tax-exempt organizations. The content on this page focuses only on governmental 457(b) retirement plans.


A 457 plan is a kind of defined contribution retirement plan for state and local public employees. It can also be offered by certain nonprofit organizations.