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4140 hardened and tempered bar can also be successfully nitrided, giving a surface hardness of up to Rc 60. Nitriding is carried out at 490 oC - 530 oC, ...


Hardness. Rc. Min. Max. 862. 758. 14. 28. 36. Typical Mechanical Properties for 4140 Hollow Bar As Supplied,. Black Hot Rolled Finish - Hardened and ...


4140 PREHARD is heat treated to a medium hardness (HRC 28/32) and is designated as 4140 HT. 4140 annealed is supplied in the soft condition and can be hardened ...


AISI 4140 Chrome - Moly High Tensile. Steel, generally supplied hardened and ... in the case with minimal effect on its hardness.


Our Alloy Steels are available in 4140 Heat Treated (HT) and 4140 Annealed ... will have a hardness in the high teens/low twenties on the Rockwell C Scale.


4140 is an alloy steel that is supplied in either the annealed or prehardened condition. The prehardened condition is heat treated to a medium hardness (HRC 28/ ...


Mar 14, 2016 ... 4140 steel is a low alloy steel commonly used in structural members and mechanical ... Rockwell Scale C Hardness: 20, 28, 37, 44, and 52.


Figure 3: Annealed microstructure of 4140 low alloy steel. ... material being measured, the appropriate Rockwell Hardness scale is selected. Here the.


In this video we give some basis on how to get some 4140 alloy steel hardened and then temper to different hardness, we will perform our ...


In conditions where localized hardness may be required, this steel is readily flame or induction hardened. *Applies only to 4140 leaded alloy steel bars.


Sep 13, 2012 ... Tempering. AISI 4140 alloy steel can be tempered at 205 to 649°C (400 to 1200°F) depending upon the desired hardness level. The ...