To get a business listed in the 411 Directory Assistance, go to the List Yourself website, fill out the sign up form and complete the automated phone call for validation. After a wait period of approximately five days, L... More »

To have your business listed in 411 listings, use a 411 listing service such as or Both offer businesses the opportunity to list themselves on local, regional and national ... More »

The information provided in every 411 listing is made available to users for free. However, it may cost a fee to view additional listing information provided by sponsor links like and More » Government & Politics Public Records

As of October 2015, there is no toll free number for Directory Assistance. Calls to Directory Assistance to lookup a residential or business phone number or to ask for reverse lookup costs up to around $2. Some phone com... More » Government & Politics Public Records

To have a name and business listed on Canada 411, a business or individual must fill out an online form on the Yellow Pages Canada website, which is the parent company of Canada 411. Signing up is free and only requires ... More »

To conduct a free business owner search, go to the Better Business Bureau website, find the company, and check if reports about this company contain the name of its owner. The company doesn't have to be a member of the o... More » Government & Politics Public Records

As of 2015, you can register for the Pennsylvania Do Not Call List by calling 1-888-777-3406 or visiting the website of the Attorney General at Click on the Registrations tab on the home page, and se... More » Government & Politics Public Records