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Screw size charts are available at the websites of W. L. Fuller, Inc., Engineers Edge and Jamestown Distributors. All of these websites also offer additional information about choosing the right screws for a particular project.


Find a chart of machine screw sizes on the Bolt Depot website. Click Fastener Info on the upper right side of the page, then scroll down and click Machine Screws under the Type-Specific Information heading. The site offers machine diameter and thread charts in U.S. and metric units.


CSGNetwork.com provides a metric chart for machine screw sizes and EngineersEdge.com offers a list of links to metric size charts for various types of screw and fastener sizes. In addition to a drill screw metric size chart, CSGNetwork.com offers a tap and clearance drill screw size chart.


American Girl offers two size charts: a little girl chart, with sizes three to seven, and a girl chart, with sizes six to 20. The company also has footwear size charts, with the little girl chart covering sizes five to 13, and the girl chart sizes one to nine.


TimsBoots.com, WesternBootSales.com and BootOutfitters.com all offer boot size charts online for those looking for a snug fit, as of 2015. WesternBootSales.com also provides conversion charts for non-U.S. sizing.


To read a wire size chart one must examine the column listing various sized gauges of wire, then read across the row to gather the information for that particular gauge of wire. Wire size charts are often designed to show the appropriate amperage for various gauges of wire.


Tire size charts and information are available online from websites such as TireSizesChart.com and TireRack.com. CariD offers a list of standard tire sizes and their dimensions.


To correctly read a wheel or tire size chart, it is important that an individual knows what each part of the tire size means. Each tire size has a minimum of five different components: tire type, width, aspect ratio, construction and wheel diameter.


Read a standard needle size chart by comparing a needle to the related conversion. For example, a U.S. size 0 needle is a metric size 2.0 mm or a UK/Canadian size 14. Yarn Forward and Sew It Love It both offer needle size charts on their respective websites.


To determine your size using a clothing size chart, you need to measure your bust, waist and hips. You measure yourself using a cloth tape measure and a full-length mirror.