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Sep 27, 2005 ... What is the reasoning behind using a 4 wire O2 sensor rather than a 3 wire? : confused: Could a 3 wire sensor be made to replace a 4 wire type ...


Generation III External Engine - Convert 3-wire (4-way plug) '04 Alternator to 2- wire? - I've done a bunch of reading but am still unsure about the following: Is it ....


Jun 21, 2005 ... When changing from 3 wire to 4 wire where should the green wire go? ... strap was secured to, just to keep all the wires inside the cabinet.


Feb 18, 2011 ... Correct me if I'm wrong.....the difference in the 3 and 4 wire O2 sensors is that the 3 wire grounds thru the case of the sensor....while the 4 wire.


May 31, 2008 ... This pigtail for connecting the 3-wire to a 4-wire outlet might be illegal—it depends if the white and green wires are joined together inside the cord ...


Nov 26, 2013 ... If your plug has 4-prongs, it's a good indication there are 4 wires, and three for a 3-prong. From my experience with cords from manufacturers, ...


This circuit diagram shows wiring for a 4 way circuit with the power source at ... light to the first switch (SW1) and a 3-wire cable runs between all the switches.