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Printable check templates are for writing and managing checks. People use them in business and personal finance to print information on pre-printed checks, or to print blank or completed checks. Parents and teachers use them to teach children the concept of banking and how to fill out blank checks.


Find templates to make 3D shapes on Fun-Stuff-To-Do.com and SenTeacher.org, as of 2015. Both websites feature free, printable templates to make 3D shapes such as cubes, pyramids and tetrahedrons.


Printable templates for children's crafts and activities are available from numerous websites and online educational resources including MrPrintables.com, FirstPalette.com and Coloring.ws. These templates are often free and are designed for easy download and printing.


Avery.com, WorldLabel.com and OnlineLabels.com all off printable label templates, as of 2015. All three websites allow you to design, download and print labels for free.


Tidyform.com, Vertex42.com and Spreadsheet123.com are three websites that offer several printable budget templates. Most templates come in Excel format for individual download, use and printing as desired; templates also work with Google Spreadsheets and OpenOffice.


Some websites that offer printable star templates include FirstPalette.com, TimVandevall.com and Template.net. All of these star templates are available to print and download for free.


Savetz Publishing offers 210 free resume templates to customize and print in a variety of styles and formats, such as academic, business, chronological and professional. Some templates include various skill and experience levels include management, entry-level, high school students and older workers


Create printable shapes to cut out by using a shape drawing tool in a program such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Paint and printing the image. Alternately, use sites such as NCTM.org or DrawIsland.com to make shapes with the Web drawing tool and then save the image.


You can find printable star shapes through PrinterProjects.com and SampleTemplates.com, as of 2015. While both websites provide printable images of the traditional star shape, which has exactly five points, only SampleTemplates.com offers visitors printable images of more unique star structures.


Some websites that have free, printable mask templates include First Palette, Itsy Bitsy Fun and Mr Printables. These websites allow users to customize the mask templates to suit different occasions and individual color or theme preference.