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The realistic surface images created by 3D ultrasound and HD ultrasound imaging provide a connection between parents and child that can be beneficial to the ...


What Is a 3D Ultrasound? ... A three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound generates high-quality images of a fetus. The 3D images appear more lifelike than images from a ...


3D ultrasound uses sound waves which do not harm your baby. 3D ultrasound uses the same power output as a regular 2D ultrasound.


3D/4D/HD LIVE Prenatal Ultasound Studio. Welcome ... Large ultrasound room with plenty of seating. Bring as many friends and family as you like.


3D and 4D Fetal Ultrasounds. Most fetal ultrasound imaging tests will only produce a static 2D image for patients to view. However, recent technologies have ...


When Ana Paula Silveira got pregnant, she and her husband, Alvaro Zermiani, dreamed about seeing the face of their child during her first ultrasound exam.


Get a very special sneak peek of ultimate cuteness when you choose the elective 3D/4D ultrasounds we offer at Wilkerson OB-GYN.


3D 4D ultrasound photos and videos in Yuba City California, Inner Reflections 3D/4D. Elective 3D4D ultrasounds, guests welcome, gift certificate available.


WHP offers complete obstetric 3D ultrasonography on-site, including obstetrical dating, fetal anatomy scans, gender reveals, and boutique 3-D ultrasounds ...


We specialize in providing 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound services for expectant mothers to view their baby. We are a provider of elective prenatal imaging ...


3D ultrasound in Austin Texas, 4D Ultrasound in Austin Texas. Celebrate your child with images of him or her in the womb with HD ultrasound technology.