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360 degree feedback is a method and a tool that provides each employee the opportunity to receive performance feedback from his or her supervisor or manager and four to eight peers, reporting staff members, co-workers, and customers. Most 360 degree feedback tools are also responded to by each individual in a self-assessment.


Definition: 360-degree feedback is a feedback process where not just your superior but your peers and direct reports and sometimes even customers evaluate you.You receive an analysis of how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Description: Benefits of 360-degree feedback: To the individual: > This helps the person understand his or her own personality from an outsider's ...


A 360-degree feedback (also known as multi-rater feedback, multi source feedback, or multi source assessment) is a process through which feedback from an employee's subordinates, colleagues, and supervisor(s), as well as a self-evaluation by the employee themselves is gathered.Such feedback can also include, when relevant, feedback from external sources who interact with the employee, such as ...


2. 360 Feedback as a Performance Appraisal Tool to measure employee performance. Using a 360 degree feedback system for Performance Appraisal is a common practice, but not always a good idea. It is difficult to properly structure a 360 feedback process that creates an atmosphere of trust when you use 360 evaluations to measure performance.


360 degree feedback, also known as a 360 performance review, includes feedback not only from the employee’s supervisor, but also from the employee’s customers, vendors, peers, and/or direct reports. The benefit is that managers gain insight into an employee’s performance from multiple perspectives.


A 360 degree feedback review is designed to gather anonymous feedback about an employee from the people working most closely with him or her—including direct reports (in the case of managers & supervisors), peers, and managers. In this regard it isn’t a typical performance review.


I should have gotten the memo, right there! It took me several years, but I finally saw how horrible 360-degree feedback systems are. In a 360 process, numerous people give feedback to another person.


360-degree feedback, sometimes referred to as multi-rater appraisals or multi-source feedback is a tool designed to address the problem of bias. Instead of relying on the feedback of one person, with 360 feedback a person gains feedback from peers, reports, managers and even internal and external customers.


That's bunk. 360-degree feedback is the grown-up version of a horrible game played in middle schools. We had the game in my middle school in the seventies and my son has it in his middle school ...


360 Feedback is a useful tool for employee development, usually run during employee review periods. However, when it comes time to create feedback questions to ask in your 360 Degree Feedback assessments, many people draw a blank.