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The 3 Day Diet is a program that claims to help people lose 10 pounds in three days by following a specific meal plan. Those on the program follow the diet for three days and then return to a normal eating routine for the next four days. After this four-day stretch, the diet can be done again for th


The 21-Day Diet encompasses several diet plans based on anti-inflammatory foods and portion control. This diet style is intended to help users flatten their stomachs and lose a small amount of excess weight in 21 days.


One 14-day diet plan is the Paleo Meal Plan. According to Paleo Leap, it's not only important for people to understand what foods are healthy and what foods are not and why, but also for them to grasp what it entails to be eating Paleo on a consistent basis.


Multiple 28-day diet menu plans are available on EatingWell.com and PerriconeMD.com as of 2016. The Eating Well menu provides options to help people lose weight on 1200, 1500 or 1800 calories per day based on their weight loss goals and calorie needs. The Perricone MD menu provides exercise instruct


There are seven months in the Gregorian calendar that have 31 days. The months of the year that have 31 days are January, March, May, July, August, October and December.


There are seven months in the year that have 31 days:Â January, March, May, July, August, October and December. The Gregorian calendar also has four months that consist each of 30 days.


The 3-Day Diet consists of three small meals per day, for a total of approximately 900 calories. Meals are made from simple foods, and a small amount of vanilla ice cream is allowed each day. Multiple websites market versions of this diet.


Multiple three-day diet plans are available; each plan has the dieter consume a very low amount of calories per day, after which he typically loses several pounds. However, dieters typically gain back the weight lost on these plans that aren't endorsed by any doctors. Dieters should consult a doctor


Some one-meal-a-day diet plans, also referred to as intermittent fasting, are known as Skipped Meal, Condensed Eating Window, Early and Late, Single 24, and the Alternating Day Fast, reports Marks Daily Apple, a health resource website from former elite endurance athlete Mark Sisson. However, eating


While dieters are likely to lose weight on the 3-Day Military Diet, the diet is difficult to maintain. This means most dieters regain the weight they've lost. Although the diet plan states there are three days of dieting followed by four days off, calories are still restricted on off days.