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In the 19th century pitchers posting a 30-win season was commonplace, with many winning 40, and a select few even won 50 games in a season. In the Deadball Era the game changed and fewer pitchers reached 30 wins, but it still happened. Since 1917 only five pitchers have won 30 games in a season, and no one has done so since 1968.


List all 30 game winning pitchers in mlb? ... Vida Blue of the Oakland A's was the winning pitcher of the 1971 All-Star Game in Detroit, a 6-4 victory for the American League. In 1981, Blue, then ...


One of the reasons is that pitchers are now so highly paid that teams are less willing to send a pitcher out often enough to be able to have a realistic chance to win 30 games in a season. Teams want to protect their multimillion dollar investments. In today's game, a 20-win season denotes a very successful campaign.


Seven pitchers have won 31 games in the modern era with three pitchers winning 30 games in a season. Dizzy Dean was the last pitcher to win 30 games in 1934 for the St. Louis Cardinals. The next 30 win season wasn’t until 1968 when Denny McLain would win 31 games 34 years later.


The following is a listing of pitching win and winning percentage records in Major League Baseball.All teams are considered to be members of the American or National Leagues, unless noted. Players denoted in boldface are still actively contributing to the record noted. An (r) denotes a player's rookie season.


Since 1990, only four pitchers have joined the 300 win club: Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Johnson. Changes in the game in the last decade of the 20th century have made attaining 300 career wins difficult, perhaps more so than during the mid 20th century.


30+ wins in a season has been done 147 times in MLB history by 70 different pitchers, the last time in 1968 by Denny McLain of the Detroit Tigers who won 31 games.


At 33, Welch won 27 games in 35 start for the Oakland A's in 1990, also winning the AL Cy Young Award. No other pitcher has won that many games in a season since and only five pitchers have made ...


After examining these two pitchers, and what happened during their seasons, it is possible to conclude that a pitcher will never win 30 games in a season again. It would take not only a dominating season, but an incredible amount of luck to even get close to winning 30 games. So, to summarize our findings, we review the following:

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List of thirty game winners in baseball for Major and Minor Leagues, and independent leagues Complete list of all single-season 30 game winners in organized baseball history. Year