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Processes of Change. All Cultures are inherently predisposed to change and, at the same time, to resist change. There are dynamic processes operating that encourage the acceptance of new ideas and things while there are others that encourage changeless stability. It is likely that social and psychological chaos would result if there were not the conservative forces resisting change.


Causes of Cultural Change . Cultural changes are set in motion in three ways. The first is invention, the process of creating new cultural elements. Invention has given us the telephone, the airplane and the computer each of these elements of material culture has had a tremendous impact on our way of life.


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Cultural change occurs due to the diffusion of ideas from one society to another. Examples of this include the emergence of the Buddhist religion in China, and the exportation of American culture through Hollywood television and films. Cultural change also occurs through syncretism, or when ideas from different cultures mix.


Best Answer: Culture can change any number of ways depending upon who the influence leaders are, their motives for doing so and the attitudes of people already there. Some examples include things like the war on poverty where society gives money and houses to slum people with no expectation of improvement ...


You Can Consciously Change Your Corporate Culture Your culture should—and can—reflect your company's needs . ... Additional Ways to Change the Organizational Culture . Communication, employee involvement, and a willingness to learn and adapt are keys to keeping organizational change on track.


Revolutions are another way in which cultures can change. Entire political and economic systems, legal systems, rulers, and ways of life can change due to revolution; however, it is important to realize that revolution can change culture for better or for worse.


The culture of a society is not stagnant. It can change under certain situations. This lesson will provide examples and discuss both outside influences and factors within society that can cause ...


These lessons are evident in successive efforts to change the organizational culture of the World Bank over a period of almost half a century. The challenge of culture change at the World Bank.


6 Reasons Cultures Change, and 3 Ways Leaders Can Respond. ... As I shared with my own experience, when the customer base demands a different way to do business, the culture will shift in response ...