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To replace a speed switch on a Hunter fan, unscrew the fan switch chain guide to release the 4-wire speed switch. Pull the switch from its housing, note the labeling of the connections and disconnect the wires using a straightened paperclip. Connect the replacement switch, and test.


Wire a three-speed ceiling fan switch by removing the fan bonnet, noting the color of each wire and the number by each connection, and matching the colors to the numbers on the new switch. Purchase replacement switches from a hardware store, and turn off the power at the electrical panel.


In order to replace a ceiling fan switch, turn off the power to the fan, remove the fan housing, remove the switch and replace it with a compatible unit. It is helpful to know the fan's make and model when purchasing the new switch to ensure it will fit.


On furnaces, a fan limit switch uses a heat sensor to detect the temperature of the air passing through the valve that the switch is affixed to. Its purpose is to detect when the air in the furnace is warm enough to circulate into a home. Without the fan limit switch, the furnace would blow cold air


To install a three-speed switch for a ceiling fan, make holes in the wall for installing the switch box and the wiring, disconnect the fan's connections, and connect the switch's NM cable to the fan. Using a fish tape, pull the cable to the switch box, and connect the wires of the electricity source


Replacement switches for Hunter fans can be purchased online through specialty parts retailers such as eReplacementParts.com, home improvement stores such as Lowe's, and auction sites such as eBay. The Hunter website also contains a search tool that allows users to find specific parts and licensed s


Replacing a wall light switch is an easy job that takes just a few minutes. Purchase a new switch and cover at your home improvement store. Gather needle-nosed pliers, wire strippers and screwdrivers.


Replacing a light switch involves turning off the power to the switch and unscrewing and removing the switch plate. Pull out the switch from the electrical box after unscrewing it. By comparing the new switch with the one you're replacing, you can find corresponding locations for the electrical scre


In order to replace a window switch, an individual must have the proper replacement switch, be able to safely remove the bezel and rockers and install the switch according to the vehicle's manual or instructions included with the new switch. Replacing a new switch only requires a flat head screwdriv


To replace the pull-chain switch on a ceiling fan, turn off the power to the fan, remove the bottom cover plate, disconnect the wires from the switch, unscrew the nut from the outside of the housing and take the switch out of the fan. Reverse the steps for installation.