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The 3 Day Diet is a program that claims to help people lose 10 pounds in three days by following a specific meal plan. Those on the program follow the diet for three days and then return to a normal eating routine for the next four days. After this four-day stretch, the diet can be done again for th


A three-day sale is a marketing technique used in various retail industries to attract customers and boost sales volumes over the duration of the promotion. These sales are frequently designed to liquidate overstocked products and often feature items purchased by the company in bulk at a discounted


If a string breaks in an RV shade, remove the shade, take it apart, and obtain two pieces of cord. Place one cord on each side of the spring, folding them in half and making a loop on the spring. Place the top bar of the shade in its original place, and thread the cords. Thread the cords through the


The 3-Day Diet consists of three small meals per day, for a total of approximately 900 calories. Meals are made from simple foods, and a small amount of vanilla ice cream is allowed each day. Multiple websites market versions of this diet.


Adult men and women should consume 15 micrograms of vitamin D daily, but a specific amount of D-3 is not given, according to a report on SFGate.com, the online news publication of the San Francisco Chronicle. This can be fulfilled by certain foods, exposure to sunlight or a supplement.


Tenant Screening Center offers several free three-day notice-to-quit forms for use in California. The California Department of Consumer Affairs and the California court's self-help centers detail eviction guidelines for landlords and tenants.


To successfully lose weight, you need a strong desire and a solid plan. Don’t weigh yourself every day because the water your body holds and how that changes will fluctuate the number on the scale. Develop a little self-motivation and an exercise regime and get started.


While normal menstruation can last for only three days, according to the Cleveland Health Clinic, it is still possible to be pregnant while experiencing vaginal bleeding. The American Pregnancy Association maintains that vaginal bleeding is common during the first trimester of pregnancy.


While dieters are likely to lose weight on the 3-Day Military Diet, the diet is difficult to maintain. This means most dieters regain the weight they've lost. Although the diet plan states there are three days of dieting followed by four days off, calories are still restricted on off days.


The three-day diet helps individuals lose 10 pounds by severely limiting calories and food choices. Marketers state that the balance of chemicals and enzymes in the diet contributes to weight loss, but there is no evidence to support that claim, according to WebMD.