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But now, I dedicated some time to pulling together a handful of what I thought are interesting facts about myself. Yeah that’s right. I’ve got a big, whopping list of 10 things ready to share ...


So now you give kids 3 different color sketch pens and tell them to write9 things about themselves spread across physical, social, inner So, 3 for physical,3 for social and 3 for inner Ok, interesting facts about yourself icebreaker ideas


If you want to make a great first impression, having interesting facts about yourself is a good way to start.However, it can be hard to think of topics on the spot. That's why it's helpful to think of some fun facts about yourself before you enter a new social situation or write an engaging About Me paper.


By Shabana Bachu. It happens to the best of us: As soon as someone says, tell me an interesting fact about yourself, everything you know about who you are and what you do, flies right out the window.An important job interview only packs on the pressure. But we’ve got you covered with a quick guide to breezing through this question, while making yourself stand out as the most thoughtful ...


Naturally, I instantly blanked and couldn’t remember anything romotely unique or interesting about me. It’s not easy to brainstorm an on-the-spot fact that makes you seem just the right amount of cool and alluring. Today I’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you come up with fun facts about yourself.


Include a few fun facts about your personal life, like this one: I know all the words to the opening song on Talent Roundup Day (Friday) on the Mickey Mouse Club from the 1950s.


10 “interesting” facts about myself Taken from the 30-Day Writing Challenge Prompt #4 . I’ve previously done a list of 25 Random Facts About Me , so I’ll have to try to come up with new stuff.

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30 interesting fact about yourself. 1. I would prefer bare foot if I can, if not sandals . 2. A festival that I would be super excited about is Halloween . 3. I write when I’m angry, then eventually my anger would be gone. 4. I hate coffee. 5. I love travelling. 6.


Are there any words more terrifying than ‘Tell us an interesting fact about yourself’? Icebreakers like this are the worst; the ones which put you on the spot and challenge you to be the most fantastically interesting and cool person possible in 0.2 seconds flat.


3. I like cats better than dogs and have 2 cats myself. 4. I love basketball. 5. I listen mostly to underground hip hop. 6. I love watching Muhammad Ali's fights and will watch them whenever they are on and I can, the man was an artist in the ring and definitely the greatest ever. 7. I despise going to the mall. 8.