The density and weight of lumber varies with the water or moisture content in the wood. Typical weights for green, kiln dried and pressure treated lumber boards ...


This table provides the approximate weight per linear foot of different sizes ( dimensions) of pressure-treated lumber, both freshly treated and after drying.


The table provides the weight of lumber produced from three commonly used tree species: Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, and ... Weight of Pressure-Treated Lumber.


Calculate the weight of kiln dried pine, green oak, and pressure treated wood of any size with this free and easy online tool.


Jul 10, 2007 ... Does anyone know the approximate weight of a pressure treated 8 foot 2x6? I know they can vary greatly but I'm trying to figure out how much ...


Get the ultimate option for fencing, decks, walkways and other outdoor projects with the addition of this excellent Outdoor Select Pressure-Treated Lumber.


This treated wood contains a superior fire retardant chemical that remains stable in high temperature environments. And does not increase the corrosivity of ...


Severe Weather Above Ground pressure treated exterior wood protected by Ecolife (EL2); a stabilizing formula that repels water keeps boards straighter and  ...


2 x 6 x 8' Ground Contact AC2® Green Pressure Treated Lumber. ... Shipping Weight: 24.5625 lbs. Brand Name: AC2. AC2. Features. #2 Prime grade southern  ...


Dec 20, 2019 ... A kiln dried 2x6x8 weighs in on the lighter end at around 14 lbs while the pressure treated 2×6 weighs in closer to the 26 lb range. I have taken the time to gather some data ... Lumber weights Lumber Estimated Weight Chart ...