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Words forms are the different ways a word can exist in the context of a language. Many words exist as nouns, verbs or adjectives and change when prefixes or suffixes are added.


The factors of 27 are one, three, nine and 27. The factors of a particular number are those numbers that divide evenly into it. One and the number itself are always factors of any given number.


"Then" is an adverb that is usually used to describe actions in time, and "than" is a conjunction word used for comparisons. "Then" can also be a noun or adjective that represents a specific time, says Grammarist.


"Making Words" is a book series that provides lessons, tools and activities for teaching children phonics and spelling skills. Patricia M. Cunningham and Dorothy P. Hall wrote the books, which start at the kindergarten level and go to fifth grade.


The number 27 is not a prime number because it is evenly divisible by 1, 3, 9 and 27. A prime number is a number only divisible by 1 and the number itself. Since 27 is divisible by other numbers, it is considered a composite number.


Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card forms, identified as I-90 forms, are not available in the Word format. The form is available for download in PDF format from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website at USCIS.gov. It is possible to file the form online or via postal mail.


Free printable worksheets teaching how to write numbers in word form are available at DadsWorksheets.com. ICoachMath.com and MathCats.com provide online interactive lessons on writing numbers in word format.


Complete lists of the 27 amendments are available online at the National Constitution Center and U.S. Constitution. websites.Bothof these websites offer the entire text of the Constitution of the United States.


Form words from individual letters by arranging the latter until they spell out the former. Look for patterns, such as how certain groups of letters often go together. Some patterns include prefixes such as "counter-," "intra-" and "peri-," as well as suffixes such as "-ation," "-ed" and "-ful." Add


The square root of 27 is 5.19615242271. The number 27 is not a perfect square, so it does not have an exact square root. Numbers such as 36, 49 and 121 are perfect squares and have exact square roots.