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One way to write the number 7.5 as a fraction is 75/10. This answer is easy to obtain because it only involves moving the decimal one place to the right. Since 7.5 is equal to 7.5 over one, then moving the decimal place to the right gives 75 over 10.


To add fractions, ensure the bottom numbers (denominators) are the same, add the top numbers (numerators), keep the denominator, and simplify the fraction if needed. This process can be done by hand or by using a calculator.


A fraction is a part of a whole, and fractions are necessary when dealing with portions and amounts that are not whole numbers. Fractions are a part of mathematics and science, as well as simple household functions such as cooking and making home repairs.


Fractions are necessary in every day life because everything does not fit into a perfectly defined number. Such tasks as cooking, building, sewing and manufacturing use fractions for measurements that potentially change the outcome of the product. Fractions are also involved with business and the mo


Fractions were created by the ancient Egyptians in 1800 B.C. Egyptians created a number system on a base 10 concept, which is similar to the numerical systems used in the United States and around the world for creating fractions. Originally, Egyptians used pictures as well as numerals to display and


A unit fraction is a fraction where the top number, known as the numerator, is one, and the bottom number, known as the denominator, is any positive number. Additionally, the denominator must be an integer, or round number.


The top number in a fraction is called a numerator. The bottom number is called a denominator. The line that separates them can be horizontal or vertical.


The types of work most commonly associated with the use of fractions are in engineering and medical professions, according to XP Math. Other jobs use fractions in their work as well, ranging from administrative management to entry-level positions.


The line that separates the top and bottom numbers of a fraction is called a vinculum. Fractions are also commonly written out using a forward slash in place of a vinculum for convenience on computers.


Basic operations with fractions involve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Addition and subtraction of fractions require a common denominator before making the calculations. When multiplying fractions, the numerators and denominators are multiplied separately to get the answer and w