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Several online businesses offer templates to make questionnaires, including SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro and SurveyCrest. Free basic templates are available as well as premium paid services with an account or subscription.


The 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire, or 16PF Questionnaire, is an assessment that measures a person's personality traits. As of 2015, the active version of the questionnaire is the fifth edition. This edition measures responses to a set of 185 questions. The responses to the questions are a sel


To create a questionnaire in Microsoft Word, view the Developer tab, and add content to the form. Set properties for content controls, and restrict editing on the form.


When using an estate planning questionnaire, enter correct information to the best of your ability; ask your attorney if you're unsure about some details, and tell him that you're going to provide your best estimate; and answer all questions if possible to help your attorney design a comprehensive e


Before you design a survey on consumer awareness, you must define your survey goals. You also need to know how and to whom you plan to circulate your survey, which determines the number of questions you have.


The purpose of the patient health questionnaire is screening patients suspected of having depression and panic disorders. This assessment occurs during initial and follow-up treatment, says Impact.


Customer satisfaction surveys, political polls, academic questionnaires, human resource surveys and health assessments are some of the different types of online questionnaire templates that are available. Many online survey providers offer free templates in various categories, including SurveyMonkey


Medical practices can use patient questionnaires in a variety of ways, such as conducting satisfaction surveys, health assessment forms for new patients and forms related to specific medical conditions, notes AAFP.org. Some other types of questionnaires can include post-appointment checklists and an


An employee motivation questionnaire is a survey or questionnaire that is intended to ascertain how well the employees of a certain company are motivated. The questionnaire allows employees to share their opinions about job satisfaction, morale and other vital aspects of the workplace.


The origins of jury questionnaires are the English common law practice of voir dire, in which a juror was required to take an oath if his participation in the jury process was challenged because of a perceived or actual bias against the defendant. The term is still in use in the United States court