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Some top-rated 30-inch counter-depth refrigerators include the Sub-Zero IT-30CIID, Thermador T30IB800SP, Bosch B30BB830SS and Miele KF1801VI, based on 2014 ratings. Other highly-rated models from that year include the Liebherr CS-1660 and HCB1560.


Counter-depth refrigerators are refrigerator units whose depth equals that of standard home counter tops and cabinets. This produces a sleek look that many customers find aesthetically pleasing.


The best counter-depth refrigerators as of 2015 are the LG model LFC21776STS, Bosch model B22S80SNS, LG model LFX25991ST, Samsung model RFG237AA and Electrolux model EI23BC56IS, according to 10Rate. These counter-depth refrigerators were rated on the usable amount of st...


The benefits of a counter-depth refrigerator include a more convenient and space-efficient interior, aesthetic appearance, space-saving shape and unique storage capabilities. These characteristics vary per model, and there is a vast array of makes, features and models.


An average counter-depth refrigerator measures about 25 inches in depth, a width of 35.75 inches and a height of 69.63 inches. The total capacity is around 23 cubic feet.


A counter-depth refrigerator is advertised at 28.5 inches deep. Space lost from reduced depth is often made up by increasing the width or height of the refrigerator, which can vary by several inches. Typical counter-depth refrigerator width is 35.75 inches, while typica...


A counter-depth refrigerator is set flush with the surrounding countertops and cabinetry as opposed to a standard refrigerator which tends to stick out past them. Counter-depth refrigerators are shallower, being only about 24 inches in depth as compared to a standard re...