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Compare .22lr Ammo Ballistics between 27 different 22lr cartridges. MCARBO 22lr Ballistics Chart will give you a wide array of technical information to include 22lr Muzzle Velocity and 22lr Muzzle Energy for popular cartridges like the CCI 22LR Stinger Ballistics, Remington Golden Bullet and Winchester 22LR Ballistics. This is the best 22LR Ballistics Table because it allows you to compare ...


The .22 LR is what many of us learned to shoot with because of it's lack of recoil, relatively low noise level, price, and availability of both the round and rifle. It's not hard to find a .22 rifle for $100 and you can usually pick up a hundred rounds of this at Wally World for around $6 if you get the cheap stuff.


ammunition is reasonably priced at Sportsman’s Guide! Below you will find ammunition charts from Remington, Winchester and Federal Cartridge. Their ballistics charts make it easy for you to make sure the ammo you purchase is right for your firearm. Ammunition manufacturers often add new rounds throughout the year, so always check back for any ...


Understanding 22 Ballistics (22 Long rifle – 5.6x15mmR) whether you shoot hyper velocity, subsonic or standard 22 ammunition (around 1250fps) is essential if you want to hit small targets beyond 100 yards.


If the drop chart on your ballistic calculator calls for 19 MOA at … Images are all actual size (within 4/1000 of an inch). The poster includes all American Standardized Cartridges (Rifle, Handgun, and Shotgun) available January 2012, military surplus and a few bonus cartridges as well.


Adam S. Gubar compiled this extensive Rimfire ammunition ballistics table.


The following data was taken from various sources including reloading manuals and the online Ballistics Calculator provided by BigGameInfo. Note:For an expanded version of this table showing more loads, including British, European, wildcat, obsolescent American and proprietary calibers, see the Expanded Rifle Trajectory Table.


Acknowledgements. We'd like to personally and specifically thank Pat Childs at Fin & Feather in Iowa City, as he not only helped get most of our ammunition and other supplies, he was the brilliant gunsmith who worked with us to make this insane project much more practical.Without his help all of this would have been much more difficult and perhaps impossible.


Its priceless info for any rimfire raconteur that likes to shoot at targets beyond 100 yds. I used this info to make range cards out to 250 yds for my rem.5 and Aguila golden eagle match rifle, as well as a couple others my remy shoots well. on a good day with my scope set for the 250 yd burm, I can keep all shots within 5 inches of each other.


Ballistics Rifle Ballistics Ammo Description Velocity (fps) Energy (ft/lb) Trajectory Tables (inches) CARTRIDGE BULLET ITEM # MUZ 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd MUZ 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd MUZ 100 yd 200 yd 300 yd 400 yd 500 yd V 17 ... V 22 WMR 25 gr. NTX ...